The 'Raging Bull,' a sweet guy

Feb 04, 2020 564

BY: Ron Onesti

Each week, so many of you turn to Page 6 of the Daily Herald's Time Out! section to see which rock 'n' roller backstage story I will have. But my behind-the-scenes escapades are not solely limited to the field of music. There are many "celebs" from other worlds with whom I happen to cross paths on a regular basis. Especially in sports!

You have heard me reference the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame on numerous occasions in this column. I have been an active member in this organization for more than 20 years, as I was the lead designer for the museum, editor of its magazine and producer of the group's special events. It was through this group I was able to meet this intense, yet lovable guy known as the "Raging Bull."

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