From Rafael Ortiz to Andre’ DiMino

Mar 06, 2019 932

Our IAOVC Executive Board Member, Andre DiMino has been in regular communications with Rafael Ortiz, author of the Columbus books; “Christopher Columbus The Hero” and “Columbus Day vs Indigenous People Day.” He was happy to see we have been posting many of the true facts of Columbus. He was very pleased at our efforts! He is grateful we have been referring people to his books and web page supporting Columbus and for our efforts supporting the great explorer.

He has just sent some statements we feel are very powerful and important for you all to see: Rafael stated, “If you know anyone who thinks I’m full of it, let me know. I stand for everything I have written about Columbus. I challenge anyone to prove me Columbus was evil. I think our defense of Columbus should be on the offensive. We should tell everyone all these claims against him are based on a HOAX!”

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