Quentin Tarantino and His Many Italian Movie References

Jul 31, 2019 346

BY: Kyle Anderson

Quentin Tarantino likes Italian movies. This is not much of a revelation if you’ve seen roughly six of the nine films he’s made. He’s a filmmaker who wears his influences as a badge of honor. Over the course of the past 15 years, Tarantino has brought in more and more elements from Italian movies, particularly Italian genre movies.

From Kill Bill onward, Tarantino has used music from Italian Westerns and crime movies—usually from Ennio Morricone or Luis Bacalov—but the movies have gotten more and more Italian in the past 10 years, during QT’s period movies. He’s paid homage to very specific Italian directors, and even name checks a few key players in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

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SOURCE: https://nerdist.com

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