Ornella Fado: Discovering the Italian cuisine of America

Jan 16, 2014 2714

If Americans have learned that the fettuccine Alfredo sauce or chicken Marsala does not belong to the true Italian tradition, it is thanks to her. Italian 100%, not only in the beauty of the Mediterranean and solar, but especially in the vitality and warmth, Ornella Fado 21 years ago he left Rome and her career as a dancer who had brought in the most important Italian theaters and broadcasts in vogue in the eighties as Fantastico 6.

She drops everything to fly to New York to crown his dream of love. In the Big Apple comes when even the made ​​in Italy made ​​space between lagrandeur French, then dominant in fashion as well as in the kitchen. Italy was then anchored to the stereotype for Americans spaghetti, pizza, mandolin; iconography of Italy was traveling between the landscapes of The Godfather and the comfort food that immigrants brought to the New World.

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