On the Mother Road - the new novel by Lucia Campanella

Apr 05, 2022 212

Lucia Campanella was born in the south of Italy, in Foggia in 1976. She graduated from the University of Bari in modern literature and in historical and social sciences. She has been teaching in lower secondary school since 2001. In 2019 she publishes her first book, La strada madre, with the publisher Montag. In 2021 the second novel, A perfect sky, published by PAV, comes out.

The passion for travel, for books, for music is often the inspiration for the characters in her books, who take their cue from real events and fit into specific historical contexts. The novel Sulla Strada Madre, a re-edited and revised version of her first novel, and On the Mother Road, the English version of the same novel, are both published by Idea Press, in March 2022.

In 1930s Illinois, in an idyllic country environment, though strained by the Great Depression, young Eveline meets Oliver, a promising and idealistic but disillusioned and uninspired writer. Only after a few meetings, do they overcome their distrust and prejudices and begin to exchange opinions, and to tell each other about their lives and their dreams. The passionate love story between them will shape their future actions but also the life of all those around them.

Oliver’s close friend, Nick, a lover of life and comfort, realizing the emptiness of his existence, feels a sense of inadequacy and decides to leave for Spain as a volunteer, where the civil war is raging. While the winds of war stir on the horizon, the young protagonists will have to learn to fight in order not to be crushed by the events that will change their lives forever.

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