Mario Andretti, 82, on His Recent McLaren F1 Drive: ‘It Gives Me More Life’

Oct 18, 2022 555

BY: Jerry Perez

Mario Andretti doesn't need an introduction. The Italian-American racing driver has won the F1 world championship, the Indy 500, and countless other races in a dizzying variety of racing disciplines. It's because of this that it stands out to hear him so enthusiastic about turning a handful of laps around Laguna Seca in a decommissioned McLaren F1 car Saturday.

In a way, it shows that despite having all the racing experience in the world, Andretti's hunger for the fast lane is hardly satisfied—even at 82 years of age. "At this stage of my life, to have this chance is huge. It gives me more life, probably again another 10 years," Andretti told MotorSport in an interview. "I was in seventh heaven since May, and now it’s finally here. No one will ever understand how much I love driving a racing car."

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