Little-known St. Corona is the new patron saint of pandemics

Apr 16, 2020 98

BY: Bill Hand

The strangest people find the strangest kind of fame in crisis. Take Saint Corona. She’s a curious saint who was all but forgotten by the Church. She’s what we refer to as an “obscure” saint. I don’t know where in heaven the saints live, but she’s on the outskirts and, while I’m sure her house would be a mansion to us, it’s probably a shack to the likes of St. Peter and St. George.

She is so unknown, in fact, that John Boyle, chairman of the Catholic Studies department at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “I never heard of St. Corona until today.” He described her state as – until now – “languishing for years” and that her discovery is “like finding an uncle that you’ve never met.”

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