It’s National Meatball Day: Whether in noodles or in a sub, here’s the best pasta sauce for your dish

Mar 09, 2020 132

BY: Brenda Cain and Yadi Rodriguez

The meatball has taken a back seat to the pasta in many of our favorite Italian dishes. But, today, they are front and center as we celebrate National Meatball Day. Whether you prefer your meatballs atop a mountain of spaghetti or nestled in a submarine roll, finding your favorite sauce to dress it can be overwhelming because of the sheer number of jarred sauces lining grocery store shelves.

Cleveland’s Best reporters Yadi Rodriguez and Brenda Cain are here to help. They tasted and ranked 174 jars of pasta sauces found in major grocery stores during their quest to find the best. Check out their rankings in the link above and see which sauce stood out the most amid the plethora of jarred sauces available, then celebrate this meatball holiday with your own concoction of pasta and your favorite version of the meatball.

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