Italian wines are not easy, educating retailers and consumers is key

Feb 03, 2016 742

Demand for Italian wines is growing worldwide but teaching distributors and consumers to appreciate the country's wealth of native varietals is necessary to help many more wine producers enter the US market, said Stevie Kim, managing director of Vinitaly International. "Italian wine is actually quite complicated. Italian wine is fairly mature in America, however Italian wines are not as easy as people think they are," Kim said in this video interview with

Italy, the largest producer of wine worldwide, is the world's first exporter of wine to the US market with sales of €1.4 billion in November 2015, according to figures by the US Department of Commerce elaborated by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA-ICE) Total export sales of Italian wine increased by around 6% in 2015 from the previous year to a record €5.4 billion, according to Wine Monitor by Nomisma.

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