ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY Helps You Decode the Wine List

Jan 04, 2019 303

Don't be intimidated by the wine list when you dine out. There are four common features that will help you decode it so you can impress your friends, guests or a dinner date. Thanks to the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), we have the elements in the order they are likely to appear on a restaurant's wine menu.

The producer (or bottler) can be a single wine estate, a cooperative or a brand. Look for words such as "Tenuta" (estate), "Castello" (castle), "Azienda" (company), "Cantina" (winery), "Poggio" (hill), "Vigneto" or "Vigna" (vineyard), "Fattoria" (farm) and "Produttori" (producers) to help you identify the producer.

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