Italian-Americans worried Scaramucci has revived every negative stereotype of them in one week of work

Jul 29, 2017 20369

BY: Travis Gettys

Anthony Scaramucci hasn’t even officially started his White House job, but he’s already captured a lot of attention — and helped perpetuate negative stereotypes about Italian-Americans. An advocacy group pushed back against Scaramucci’s performance a week after President Donald Trump chose him to lead his communications team and a day after he unleashed a profane tirade against his White House colleagues, reported the New York Post.

“Let’s be clear,” said Andre DiMino, executive board member for the Italian-American One Voice Coalition. “Anthony Scaramucci in no way represents the 25 million Italian Americans who are hard working, law abiding and respectful.” Scaramucci joins the White House after a career as a Wall Street financier, and he quickly drew attention for his flamboyant praise of Trump and ferocious criticism of opponents.

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