Inspiring Stories of Italian-Americans: Louis Zamperini, Frank Capra, Mario Cuomo

Jan 18, 2015 1590

by Maria Gloria

Dear Readers,
The 126th Tournament of Roses Parade, held on the first day of each New Year in Pasadena, California, had its theme this year "Inspiring Stories". Featured was a "riderless horse" that represented Grand Marshall Louis Zamperini, a World War II hero and former Olympian, who died in July 2014, at the age of 97. Zamperini's son Luke, daughter Cynthia and grandchildren rode in a car in his place.

Louis Zamperini is the subject of a best-selling book by Laura Hillenbrand and the movie "Unbroken", directed by Angelina Jolie, now in theaters. I usually stay away from war movies and shoot-em-ups, because I already see more of that stuff on the Evening News than I'd like, but since "Unbroken" had an "Italian Connection" I ventured into my local movie house.

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