IAP 92: What It Would Be like to See Your Italian American Family on Stage with Candice Guardino Italian Bred

Apr 17, 2019 209

This is the Italian American Podcast, and in this episode, we talk to Candice Guardino, star of the one-woman show “Italian Bred” about her upbringing in an Italian American family and the dream she had to become an actress. Candice shares some very interesting and funny stories, and also talks about how her acting career has brought so much fulfillment for her in life.

About our guest: Candice Guardino
Candice Guardino is being called someone who “Stuns!” & is “Re- defining Solo Performances” by The Chicago Stage, Los Angeles, New York, & New Jersey. Within this 85-minute Theatrical Comedy, Candice slips in & out of her family impersonations as she cooks up a full meal of growing up Staten Island. The stories in “Italian Bred” are derived from Candice’s real childhood experiences. She recounts her upbringing by impersonating her family’s unique personalities, singing iconic music tunes, and interacts virtual celebrity cameos that makes this Hit Show not to be missed!

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SOURCE: http://italianamericanexperience.com

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