IAP 254: Food is Love with Special Guest Alessandra Aiello

Nov 04, 2022 192

BY: Stephanie Longo

Food is Love! The concept might just be one of the few things every Italian on earth can agree on. But, for this week’s guest, it’s also a mission statement! Alessandra Aiello was born in Vico Equense near Napoli, and was minding her own business raising her three daughters, and focusing on her family when COVID quarantine inspired her to start filming herself as she cooked each day, as a way to pass on her family’s traditional recipes to her daughters so they, too, can carry on the generational delicacies that she learned from her mother and grandmother.

And as her passion for recording grew with each delectable dish she prepares, she decided to start a cooking channel, “Alessandra’s Food Is Love”  so she could share her catalog, and creativity, with the world!

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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