IAP 206: Simmo 'e Napule, Paisà! Six Volumes, Eight Scholars, 2,322 Pages... A History of Napoli

Oct 27, 2021 317

BY: Stephanie Longo

Napoli… the great urban amphitheater spreading out across its picturesque bay.  Anchored by the steaming hulk of Vesuvius and pushed up to the heavens from the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, it’s a city so vibrant, so full of history that the quest to tell its story inspired six volumes, eight scholars, 2,322 pages, 758 illustrations, 651 readings, and countless appendices, maps, and indexes. 

And for Ron Musto, telling its story has been a 30-year labor of love.  On this week’s episode, Musto, the editor of A Documentary History of Naples, published by Italica Press, joins us to discuss Naples, its history, and the passionate effort behind this unprecedented compendium of Neapolitan history.

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