IAP 158: Conversations on Columbus: Columbus and Italian America

Sep 30, 2020 425

BY: Stephanie Longo

As October approaches, we’re returning for part four of our “Conversations on Columbus” series exploring the life and legacy of Christopher Columbus, and this week we’re examining the long and complex relationship between the Italian American community and the Genovese navigator who has become a symbol of Italian American pride.

We’ll begin with an exploration of the history of Columbus Day in the United States. We’re joined by Professor Bill Connell, co-editor of The Routledge History of Italian Americans, to explore what Columbus and the holiday bearing his name have meant to many different American communities, not the least of which is our own. We’ll attempt to untangle the complications of what Columbus Day’s designation as a federal holiday means for Italian Americans fighting to preserve it, and for those seeking to change it as well.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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