IAP 144: 10 easy steps to becoming an even better Italian American while you’re stuck at home

May 27, 2020 478

What have you been doing doing your time in “lockdown”? We here at the Italian American Podcast have been doing what we do best– working on being as unabashedly Italian American as possible! Seeing as a big part of the Italian American identity is drawing from the interactions we have with friends, family and fellow paesani, more than two months in isolation have forced us to find some pretty innovative ways to be extra-Italian without leaving the house!

Some of our discoveries have been so much fun that we figured we should share our proprietary strategies with our amici out there in Italian America, so in this week’s episode, we present: “10 Easy Steps To Becoming An EVEN BETTER Italian American While You’re Stuck At Home!”

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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