How to cook, entertain the Italian way

Jun 12, 2019 326

BY: Rachel Nania

What is it about Italian food that makes it so delicious? The ingredients? The preparation? Perhaps the wine? All of these things help, but cookbook author Elizabeth Minchilli said more than anything, the social aspect of eating is what sets Italian cuisine apart from the rest. “Because that’s what it’s all about … It’s really about sitting down and it’s social,” said Minchilli, a St. Louis, Missouri, native who’s lived in Rome for more than 30 years.

The good news is: You don’t need to be in Italy to eat like the Italians. In her latest book, “The Italian Table,” Minchilli crafts menus that mirror the meals served in Italy’s most beloved regions, and she shares tips on how to execute the food and ambience at home.

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