Here Comes the Neighborhood—Italian Wedding Receptions of the Past

Aug 27, 2019 505

BY: Tony Traficante

Weddings are momentous occasions for Italians, as with any family. They are about tradition and also about fun. Many beautiful legends surround the Italian wedding ceremony; however, little is ever reported about the receptions. Here is how I remember an old-style Italian immigrant wedding reception of the 40s and 50s.

Most of the Italian families in our area were from southern Italy, and “Non aveveno un sacco di soldi.” They didn’t have a lot of money. Even so, if there was a marriage, there had to be “una bella ricevimento o se fa una brutta figura.” To not have a reception, no matter how modest, would be a disgrace on the family! The wedding receptions were basic, simple celebrations, neither elaborate nor fancy, but delightful and unique.

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