Frank Sinatra, the Voice of an era

Dec 17, 2016 830

by Keagon Voyce

Few names in American pop culture are as universally adored as Frank Sinatra. His persona was larger than life. His life, even, was larger than life. Charismatic. Suave. Oscar-winning actor. Friend to presidents. The speculative—yet convincing—mob ties that somehow enriched his legacy rather than add rancor. And, of course, there was that unmistakeable croon.

The catalyst for such nicknames as "Swoonatra" and "The Voice." The irascible and esteemed music critic, Robert Christgau, called him the greatest singer of the 20th century. And who could convincingly argue with that claim? Listening to Sinatra is like funneling Christmas through a voicebox. This past Monday would have been his 101st birthday, and as we find ourselves on the eve of the holidays, we remember Frank Sinatra.

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