Elmira history: Sgro Brothers made it big before settling here, are still going strong

Jun 19, 2019 202

BY: Jim Hare

“Dom Sgro remembers everything about playing the harmonica on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show. He remembers the date, Sept. 19, 1954. He remembers how kind Ed Sullivan was. And he remembers why he missed a note playing ‘The St. Louis Blues.’ 'We were playing, and I looked out at the audience, and there she was, staring at me. I forgot about the 40 million people watching TV. I missed a note, because, my God, she was looking directly at me.'

‘She’ was Gina Lollobrigida, the beautiful Italian actress. She thrilled him by chatting with him in Italian after the performance.” John Cleary reported this story for the Star-Gazette on Nov. 11, 2003, as the Sgro Brothers, Dom and Tony, were preparing to perform with Ed Sullivan impersonator Will Jordan in a recreation of the "Ed Sullivan Show." 

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SOURCE: https://eu.stargazette.com

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