Eataly Announces Expansion Plans for NYC, DC, Philadelphia, and LA

May 01, 2014 1662

by Hillary Dixler

After telling Eater NY last week that when it came to further expansion "nothing is set in stone," Italian megastore Eataly has revealed plans for two additional locations to open in New York City. Food historian and cookbook author Francine Segan attended an event at Eataly last night and reports via Twitter that founder Oscar Farinetti announced that Eataly will open a downtown Manhattan location near the World Trade Center and and an uptown location. And that's not all.

Per Segan, Farinetti also revealed further expansion plans, naming Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia as next on the list. Rumors surfaced earlier this month that Eataly might be heading to the Capitol Crossing project in DC, and in December Joe Bastianich said Eataly Philly would be "probably a year away, and Los Angeles shortly after that." Eataly rumors in LA have circulated for years.

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