Danny Biasone: Inventor of Basketball’s Shot Clock

Mar 10, 2022 292

BY: Joseph “Sonny” Scafetta, Jr.

If you like the fast paced action of basketball, give thanks to an immigrant to America from Abruzzo. Dante Biasone was born in the town of Miglianico (population 4,529 in the 2004 Census) in the province of Chieti in the region of Abruzzo, on February 22, 1909. When he was 10, he immigrated with his parents and his brother to Syracuse, New York. When they became U.S. citizens, he changed his name to Daniel, so his friends called him “Danny”.

Although Danny was a star quarterback at the Catholic Vocational High School, he was not offered a college scholarship, and his parents could not afford to send him without help. Danny married his high school sweetheart Rachel. They had no children. He then began working a succession of odd jobs until, at 27, he had saved enough money to open an Italian restaurant with a partner in 1936. He sold his share of the restaurant in 1941 and bought a bowling alley which made him wealthy.

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SOURCE: https://www.abruzzomoliseheritagesociety.org/

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