Christopher Cavoli, the Italian American future head of NATO in Europe grew up in Rome

Apr 14, 2022 804

General Christopher Cavoli will be the future head of NATO in Europe, according to the Wall Street Journal. Even if Washington has not confirmed the news, his investiture seems to be a done deal and Biden's appointment to lead the US and NATO forces in Europe seems imminent. General Cavoli will play a key role in US and NATO military operations in Europe at a crucial time in the ongoing conflict.

Born to an Italian American army officer during the Cold War in Würzburg, in what was then West Germany, Cavoli grew up in Rome, Verona, Vicenza and Giessen. He studied and lived in Rome throughout his elementary school years, learning Italian. He often returns to the Italian capital on visits. He speaks five languages, including Russian. His parents reside in the Dolomites for much of the year, he will be based in Germany and will take control of Washington's military forces. He will play a key role in U.S. and NATO military operations in Europe.

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