The Best Martin Scorsese-Directed Movies Of The 21st Century, Ranked According To IMDb

May 04, 2022 377

Martin Scorsese is one of the best filmmakers of all time, and what makes him one of the most beloved is that his movies are consistently great. Where even the very best auteurs have had bad days at the office, when it comes to critical and audiences receptions, the Italian American director has an untouchable batting average. It seems like he gets better with age too, as his eight films released in the 21st century are all fascinating in their own ways.

Between his first outright comedy, the only Scorsese-directed movie set in modern-day, and even a movie about Jesuit priests, the filmmaker went from one mind-blowing project to the next. While not all of them were box office successes, they were huge hits amongst cinephiles, and even the most niche of them are still well-liked by general audiences.

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