Belleville letter: Reality show a 'disgrace'

Dec 06, 2014 2035

Once again The Italian American One Voice Coalition feels it necessary to bring the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and defamation of Italian Americans to the public's attention. A&E's latest and most disgraceful "reality" series to date "The Godfather of Pittsburgh," is a meritless, crass and heavily scripted "reality" show that glorifies criminality and the exploitation of women.

This show is a disgrace and is an insult to all Italian Americans and perpetuates a negative stereotype to the worst degree possible. The show is without any redeeming qualities; it even involves minor children in scripts pertaining to strip clubs and violent behavior. The cast of "The Godfather of Pittsburgh" does not represent the millions of law abiding, decent Americans of Italian descent who have every right to be proud of a rich cultural heritage and the many contributions their families have made to this country through hard work, education and perseverance.

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