Beautiful, Elegant and Doomed: The Andrea Doria and 51 Souls Lost

Aug 11, 2019 850

The Andrea Doria — an opulent, 697-foot Italian ocean liner that ferried travelers from Genoa to New York — has spent the last 60 years in a watery grave, 240 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. A jewel of its time, Doria featured an array of paintings, tapestries, murals and lavish amenities, including multiple outdoor swimming pools.

She also had 11 watertight compartments, a fleet of lifeboats and radar (a new technology of the time), which made passengers feel at ease. Doria made 100 transatlantic trips after setting sail in 1953, but tragedy struck on July 25, 1956, as the ship approached high-traffic waters near the East Coast, south of Nantucket, according to

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