turns over a new “leaf”

Apr 18, 2015 2139

by Dan Niemiec

Last month, we discussed on-line family trees, and some of the pros and cons. The major pro is that when you upload your tree, the on-line sites (familysearch and ancestry) check your tree for matches with other trees already in their web sites.

Keep in mind a couple of things when working with these two web sites. Familysearch is limited to the data that they have already microfilmed, and are now in the process of making those billions of images available on-line. Information is completely free due to being funded through the Mormon Church, who created the web site and operates it. Ancestry has a lot more data than familysearch but they are a for-profit company and charge a monthly or annual fee for access to the data and images. There is a lot of overlapping data, and a lot that doesn't overlap, so it's important to check both sites if at all possible.

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