An interview with the director of “Anime nere”

May 01, 2015 838

by Jeannine Guilyard

"Black Souls" (Anime nere) is the latest Italian film to make its way to American shores, and it's being warmly embraced by our critics and audiences. The title is appropriate for the tone of the film. It is very dark indeed. Its characters are trapped in a world dominated by organized crime. But "Black Souls" is not your typical mafia movie. It's a story about brothers and family bonds.

The cast — led by profoundly talented actors Marco Leonardi, Fabrizio Ferracone and Peppino Mazzotta — have so much chemistry, it's easy to forget you're watching a movie. Africo, the Calabrian town in which it was shot, has a dreary mystical atmosphere that sets the stage for a dark family drama with absolutely mind-blowing performances.

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