Amid Immigration Tensions in the U.S., Author and Playwright Details Italian Immigration Experience Through New Historical Fiction

Jul 02, 2019 255

After 10 years of research, recording stories passed down by family members and gleaning much that was chronicled in his 2004 documentary, “Prisoners Among Us,” writer, lyricist, playwright and documentarian Joseph M. Orazi has released his captivating novel of historical fiction, L’America. This powerful series will remind readers of the impact immigrants made in America and the importance of strong family bonds during times of great change.

This book follows the story of three early 20th-century Italian families fighting for survival as they traveled in steerage for a chance at life in the New World. This impactful story paints a vivid picture of the realities these true-to-life families faced fleeing poverty and a lack of opportunities for the American Dream.

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