Al Pacino interview: Hollywood's go-to gangster on why he has no regrets - not even Godfather III

Jul 24, 2015 994

by Kaleem Aftab

Al Pacino has so much chutzpah that he commands every room, every film set, and every theatre stage on or in which he appears. "I am a movie star," he spouts at one moment, and he doesn't want us to forget it. Even at 75, he has the brash confidence of youth, and yet his escapades of yesteryear provides the chorus to his oratory.

He makes jumps into the past with the voracity of Doctor Who. Speaking about the director of his new film Manglehorn, he says: "When David Gordon Green came to me with the script, I thought I would be interested in any movie working with such a good director." And then he jumps of his own volition. 

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