The world's longest Tibetan bridge was inaugurated in Dossena (Bergamo): suspended 120 meters above the Brembana Valley

May 16, 2022 322

Not just a tourist attraction, but an opportunity to revitalize the entire Brembana Valley (in Lombardia) after the difficult years of the pandemic: the world's longest discontinuous footbridge with no lateral ties was inaugurated in Dossena (Bergamo), suspended 120 meters above ground to offer breathtaking views of the Orobic Pre-Alps landscapes, with the peaks of the Grigna, Gioco and Alben mountains and the San Pellegrino valley floor.

Called "Ponte nel sole" (Bridge in the Sun), it is 505 meters long and connects the center of the village with the Corna Bianca rockery above the gypsum quarry. The bridge is made with seven steel ropes (two to support the 1,200 treads interspersed with the void, two for the handrail, and three as safety ropes): it will be passable only by wearing a harness and forbidden to children under 12.

But the bridge is not the only attraction Dossena offers visitors: the Speleological Park inside the town's mines, which are the oldest mining district in the Bergamo area and were even studied by Leonardo da Vinci, has also been inaugurated. Over the centuries, ferrous and calamine material was extracted from them, and from World War I the mines were used to extract fluorspar, a valuable material for the metallurgical and glass industries. Mining ceased for good in 1981, but today the mines are coming back to life: the park, located one hundred meters deep in the Paglio/Pignolino area, will offer a kilometer-long loop trail equipped in such a way as to ensure both a recreational and cultural visit.

Visitors (over 12 years old) will be able to explore the ancient tunnels through cable cars, bridges, suspended passages over natural caves, artificial chimneys and more, experiencing the sensations of miners who worked day and night by lamplight, extracting the precious resources stored underground. It will be possible to face the routes in total safety, with harness and helmet provided by the organization, accompanied by a guide who will follow tourists step by step all along the way.

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