Word of the day: sagra … because the Fall is the best time for food festivals

Sep 18, 2020 363

Ah! Finally the Fall is  here! After  months of unbearable heat, the soft, fresh and  fragrant air of the  most colorful season  of the year feels like a liberation. Our word of the day is quintessentially tied to the Fall, even if it evokes events that, in  truth, take place all year round. 

Sagra (sah-grah)  is the feminine of the  early Italian adjective sagro — today we prefer saying “sacro” —  which means “holy.” We Italians, and the many visitors we (usually) have throughout the year, love sagre (that’s the plural, and it’s  pronounced sah-grai) for many  a reason: they’re cheap, they’re cheerful and  they are always dedicated to  food.

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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