Wine Tour in the Marca Trevigiana: a journey among prosecco hills

Jul 11, 2021 312

Treviso is one of the most beautiful and lesser known art city in Italy. It is called "the city of two rivers" because it lies between the Cagnan and Sile rivers, in an enchanting pattern of characteristic streets and refined gardens. We recommend you to visit Piazza dei Signori with its beautiful Civic Tower, the Romanesque-style Duomo, the Fountain of the Boobs (we urge you to see it to find out where this name comes from) and the park of the “talking trees” inside Villa Margherita. After enjoying the enchanting attractions offered by Treviso we urge you to head out of the urban area towards the Trevigiana March.

The term "Trevigiana March" refers to the territory surrounding Treviso: although there was never a real "marquisate" of Treviso, the expression was coined to indicate the period of greatest economic growth of the region around 1200 AD.

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