Why you need to visit Marche, the Italian region you’ve never heard of

May 27, 2019 328

BY: Heather von Bargen

THE STONE PIAZZA in Urbisaglia, in the Marche region of central Italy, is like many in the country’s medieval villages. School kids play soccer under the shadow of a 16th-century tower, their abandoned book bags strewn on the church steps. Two older men sit on a bench and talk politics.

A woman crosses the piazza, heading home with groceries in-hand. The clothing store shopkeeper steps outside to smoke a cigarette as a pair of travelers watch Italian life unfold, relaxing over aperitivi and snacks on a cafe patio. The difference between here and Rome or the Amalfi Coast is that they are the only tourists around.

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SOURCE: https://matadornetwork.com

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