Why Sicily is a year-round destination

Nov 12, 2021 289

Humans settled this triangle of land as early as 12,000 BC, and the island saw the rise of great Phoenician and Ancient Greek civilizations. Later, the island was ruled by Byzantines, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Normans and Arabic conquerors, all of whom contributed to the island's rich and unique culture. The Sicilian dialect still includes words from the languages of the peoples who conquered the island, including Arabic, Greek, and Spanish.

Sicily enjoys a classic Mediterranean climate, with hot, sunny summers and mild winters with moderate rain. During the picture-perfect spring and summer, tourists flock to Sicily to swim, surf, and sightsee, but the fall and winter are excellent seasons for enjoying the island's food, architecture and culture. Despite the delightfully mild weather, the summit of Mount Etna, Sicily's landmark volcano, is typically snow-capped from October through May.

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