What to Do in Elena Ferrante’s Naples

Jan 21, 2016 855

The working-class neighborhood where Elena and Lila grow up is most likely the Rione Luzzatti, bordered by the Via Emanuele Gianturco and the tracks that lead to Napoli Centrale, the central train station. It's not easily reached by public transportation, and has a reputation for crime. The stradone — the main road frequently mentioned in "My Brilliant Friend" — is possibly the Via Taddeo da Sessa. Ms. Ferrante's characters return again and again to Piazza dei Martiri, the elegant plaza at the heart of the well-heeled Chiaia shopping district, where four majestic stone lions guard the center.

Feltrinelli (lafeltrinelli.it), the bookstore where Elena gives a book presentation in "The Story of the Lost Child," is located here. Lila enjoys window-shopping on Via dei Mille, a few streets away. A local institution founded in 1860, Gran Caffé Gambrinus (Piazza Carità, 39-81-552-34-88), which Elena and her daughters visit with Gigliola in "The Story of the Lost Child," features magnificent Art Nouveau interiors, bracing coffee and an array of sweet and savory treats. 

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