Welcome to Pisa’s luminara

Jun 14, 2017 873

BY: Claudia Astarita

Italy is known for its many traditions, which are worth seeing for any tourist visiting our country. Among them, a spectacular one happens in Pisa. To pay a tribute to San Ranieri patron saint, on  June 16th all the buildings along the Arno River are lit up with candles, while other candles are left to float on the river, transforming the landscape into a magical and timeless scene.

The day after, the Arno River hosts a regatta: four teams of boaters representing the city’s four quarters race against each other in a 1.5-kilometer race. The tradition dates back to 1688, when the remains of San Ranieri were placed into a preciously adorned reliquary by Cosimo III de’ Medici. To welcome the Saint’s relics and show their devotion, the people from Pisa decided to enlighten their houses.

SOURCE: http://www.thisisitaly-panorama.com

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