Volterra: more than alabaster!

Aug 27, 2022 186

BY: Luca Signorini

The quaint town of Volterra, in the Pisa province of Tuscany, is known worldwide as the Italian capital of alabaster. The precious, diaphanous stone has been at the heart of the area’s economy and craftsmanship tradition for centuries, since Etruscan times.

But there is more to Volterra than its well-deserved fame as a hub of alabaster art because this is a place filled with beauty, history, and magic. Located only 25 miles from the Tuscan coast, 19 miles from charming San Gimignano – known for its medieval architecture – and less than 40 miles from Pisa, Volterra is a small, delightful town of 10,000.

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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