University Federico II of Naples to develop wearable kidney dialysis devices with US company EasyDial

Feb 06, 2017 915

BY: Vera Viola

Their goal is to design small, portable (or rather, “wearable”), kidney dialysis devices. California-based firm EasyDial Inc. and the University of Naples Federico II have signed an agreement to collaborate on this project. The Italo-American company, founded in California in 2013 by Italian engineer Renato Giordano, is opening a research center in Naples: they have already hired four researchers, and plan to hire around forty more within the next five years. They also plan to open up a production center in Trento—a deal for the building is currently being negotiated.

“In Naples, we will create a global research center for artificial kidneys, thanks to collaborations with the University and strictly-private investments,” said Giordano. Renato Giordano was born in Trento but grew up in Naples, graduating as a cadet of the Accademia Aeronautica's Engineering Department in 1976. After his military career, Giordano stayed in the United States and began his entrepreneurial career in the dialysis sector. He himself was interested as a patient as well, along with two American friends/partners: Rod Corder and Aaron Mishkin.

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