Umbria: A Sleeping Beauty in the Heart of Italy

Mar 26, 2018 552

Umbria seems like a study in contrasts. It’s wedged between Rome and Tuscany, so plenty of travelers pass through it, yet it manages to not feel overly touristy. It has divinely decorated cathedrals, as well as vast tracts of woods—including an enchanted forest that locals say is inhabited by fairies (a sign asks you to seek the woodland creatures’ permission before you enter their realm).

It is both rural and refined, full of culture and outdoor activities, too. There are hiking trails, river rafting, and world-renowned festivals like the Spoleto Festival and Umbria Jazz. It isn’t remote and yet it isn’t overrun. It is what many expats consider the “perfect” location. With only two bona fide cities, Perugia and Terni, life is laidback and on a human scale.

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