Turin’s Gianduiotto aims to get the PGI certification

Jan 11, 2020 223

Two months ago, at the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, the director of the Cioccolato di Modica PGI protection Consortium, the first European chocolate with the PGI denomination, and the mayor of Modica, committed themselves to ensure all necessary assistance to achieve the PGI certification as quickly as possible for the Gianduiotto of Turin candy – made with gianduia, a chocolate and hazelnuts cream- as well.

Some days ago, the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Guido Bolatto, relaunched the proposal. The goal is to help the small artisans that produce the typical Piedmontese gianduiotto. After a 3 years work, a PGI committee has been launched, supported by the University of Turin, the School of Economics and the Department of Agriculture.

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SOURCE: https://news.italianfood.net/

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