Transhumance in Italy from Puglia to the Molisan Mountains

Nov 13, 2019 814

BY: Chris Neglia

In the wild and remote Molise region of Italy, transhumance is an ancient tradition where drovers bring their herds on a seasonal journey from the lowlands to mountain pastures, following a network of millennia-old trails. It is a ritual that is still performed by the Colantuono family. On May 22, they set out with their 300 cows on the fatiguing trek from San Marco in Lamis at the foot of the Gargano Massif, to the medieval borgo (village) of Frosolone, an extraordinary 180 kilometres away.

The Colantuonos have practiced transhumance for centuries. In the spring, their Podolica and Marchigiana cows have to move in order to reach a cooler climate and to feed on the fresh grass that will lead to the highest quality production of mozzarella, caciocavallo and manteca cheese.

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