The Bronzes of Riace

Jan 10, 2017 679

The Bronzes of Riace were discovered by Mr Stefano Mariottini, an amateur scuba diver from Rome, during a holiday on the Calabrian coast. They turned out to be one of Italy's most important archeological finds of the last 100 years. The two sculptures look human and divine at the same time, between reality and myth. These renowned personages are wrapped in mystery, we don't know anything about their identity, paternity and origins not to speak of their destination.

These works are beautifully made, and succeed in awakening deep feelings among the populace. These are, after all, the main reasons of the enthusiasm the bronzes of Riace have aroused. Some speak, however, of "magnetic force", "eroticism", " halo of fear". Some other bring Freud into the discussion. And much more will be said on this topic. They have been exhibited in Florence, then in Rome, lastly and definitively in the Museum of Reggio

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