The Temples of Humanity: an underground work of art

Nov 10, 2021 200

BY: Alexandra Amico

In Vidracco in the Piemonte region, not far from Turin, there is one of the biggest underground cathedrals in the world: the Temples of Humanity. The spectacular hypogean construction is linked to the Federation of Damanhur, a community that philosophically believes mankind to be the bearer of a divine spark and that believes in the sacrality of the universe.

The community counts about 600 people that live in Valchiusella, in wooded areas or farms, taking care of themselves with their own administrative bodies and artistic and artisanal activities: its fame is owed to the construction of the Temples of Humanity. Known also as Temple of Man, it was Oberto Airaudi who founded the foundation to start the building project; the story goes that it was a mystical vision of a shining star fallen on earth to indicate the location where to start the construction. 

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