In the still of the night, La Befana decides who’s naughty and nice

Dec 09, 2022 721

BY: Angelina Cappelli

I have heard of La Befana throughout my family and in school. I was incredibly lucky to be able to take a trip to Italy to see all my cousins there in 2018. While I was there, my zias and zios (aunts and uncles) told me stories about La Befana and what she would leave the kids.

I also heard about her while in school when we did some research on other cultures and I thought it was the funniest thing for a witch to be doing a “second Christmas.” When I found out I could write a paper on this I was so excited and I learned that there is so much more to La Befana’s tradition. It will be great to talk about with all my cousins and family in Italy. 

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