Sepino, Province of Campobasso, Region of Molise

Nov 23, 2022 401

BY: Nancy DeSanti

The town of Sepino. located 20 kilometers south of Campobasso, is home to some important Roman ruins and considered one of the most extraordinary archeological sites of central Italy where excavations began in the early 1950s. It has approximately 1,915 inhabitants, known as Sepinesi. The town was rated among the “borghi piu belli d’Italia“(most beautiful towns in Italy).

Sepino rises at the foot of the Matese Massif, on the Molise Appennine.  The Matese is one of the most ancient European mountains.  There is a mountain spring of water which is collected nowadays and sold as “Sepinia” in the area now called Tre Fontane. The prehistoric site called Terravecchia was the refuge of the first shepherds, who during the Bronze Age climbed up to drink from the springs in the Matese. 

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