The Secret Side of the Amalfi Coast

Jul 22, 2019 627

BY: Silvia Donati

Less known than Amalfi and other towns of the Amalfi Coast, Furore, a bunch of houses scattered on a mountain overlooking the sea, delights visitors with its frescoed churches, itineraries through woods and waterfalls, and the newly inaugurated Flight of the Angel on the fjord. The fiord is surely one of Furore’s main attractions, a narrow inlet where the tiny beach is sandwiched between cliffs. The most impressive view is from the 28-meter-high bridge that connects the two sides of the mountain.

You can no longer reach the beach and the fiord after a fire two years ago made it inaccessible for safety reasons. But you can fly over it, as the new ‘Volo dell’Angelo’ has just been inaugurated: a modern zip line where you fly at 326 meters of altitude at the speed of 60 km per hour from Furore Schiato to Conca dei Marini in 55 seconds, with impressive views of the void created by the deep inlet and of the deep blue sea.

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