Sardinia Call 2 Action to promote year-round island tourism

Apr 03, 2018 692

A project titled "Sardinia Tourism Call 2 Action" aims to generate new reasons to visit the island of Sardinia, along with defining new products for tourism and strengthening the competitiveness of already existing ones in a way that promotes year-round island tourism. The initiative, which is supported by the Regional Tourism Department and organised by Geasar, the company that manages the Olbia airport, consists of six events of three days each, the first of which will take place from April 4-6 at the Olbia Airport conference centre.

The seminars will be tied to in-depth explorations of specific European markets of reference for Sardinia. The first day, on April 4, will be focused on "village tourism", and includes a technical round table discussion as well as an "analysis of the French market", which is the second-largest for the island's tourism and has experienced consistent growth over the past four years.

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