Santiago Calatrava unveils the Church of San Gennaro in the Bosco

Jul 15, 2021 251

Architect Santiago Calatrava’s decorative scheme for the Church of San Gennaro in the Real Bosco di Capodimonte, built in 1745 by architect and stage designer Ferdinando Sanfelice at the behest of Charles of Bourbon, is a tribute to the ‘light of Naples’ and local artisan craftsmanship.

This work of art by a contemporary artist in an 18th-century chapel completely reinterprets the space, from the stained glass windows to the ceiling decorated with porcelain stars, to the decorated niches and porcelain creation, and was inspired by the Bosco of Capodimonte. Calatrava produced exclusive designs for the entire chapel from its lighting to its decoration to its furnishings.

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